City Life

City Life is a comparative, integrated, community based ministry that strives to see change within an urban neighborhood through the raising of indigenous leaders from the young people in that community.

     This generation of youth is easily the most impressionable yet. With the size of the world consistantly getting smaller due to advancing technology and more intrusive social media, teens today are more succeptible to worldy influence then ever before. There are so many resources in our community help young people succeed. But for those in more rough places, it is easy to fall into poverty, crime, drugs, and truency.
     At that point so many people have already given up on them, but as they slip through the cracks of a broken system - we pursue them in a relationship with the one true God. Hope is restored when young people begin to say no to the lies of poverty mentality, and yes to the truth of their own potential. The holistic City Life model walks young people through that transformation with an adult mentor and a community of support.


Economis is a ministry enhancement of City Life developed by Central Ohio Youth for Christ. It functions as a web-based program, creating a virtual token economy/system for the purpose of teaching students basic concepts of economics, with a special emphasis on money management skills. Students gain experience in using a credit/debit card, earning, spending, using online banking, and learning about taxes and payroll. This experience takes place in a virtual world so that mistakes and problems can be instructive without consequences of the real world. In addition, Economis creates a powerful behavior modification tool through incentives that can be used to further the goals of developing youth. 

  • High School & Middle School Leader Contacts

    When: TBA
    Where: City Life Center, 1301 Colima St
    HS Contact: Donavan Villarreal
    Phone: 210.748.3238
    Email: [email protected]


    When: TBA
    Where: City Life Center, 1301 Colima St
    MS Contacts: Houston & Audra Beaty
    Phone: 210.707.6034 & 210.772.3228
    Email[email protected] & [email protected]