LIT Defined

YFC Leaders In Training (LIT) are young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 who desire to be a part of our leadership team, and who are interested in being developed as a leader. Typically, this is someone who has already been involved with a ministry of YFC during their time as a student. The process in which we disciple LIT is different from that of other volunteers or mentors. This process of discipleship consists of three distinct values:


Through practical training, interactive bible studies, and spiritual mentorship we seek to wholisticly grow the LIT & equip them for every good work.


By providing LIT opportunity to connect with each other in large groups, 1-on-1 accountability, with their site teams, and even through relationships with our staff, we create an eviornment in which LIT able to be a part of this missional community & abide in Christ together.


We put relational ministry into deliberate action & empower LIT to strategically interact with kids through one of our core ministries, or even to serve the mission administratively in our office.

The culmination of these three values are what define YFC LIT: individuals committed to developing ones-self through dedicated service as part of a wholistic community focused on engaging in authentic Christ sharing relationships with lost kids.

Let us take a look at 5 key words in this definition.


It is important to understand that every individual is responsible for their own spiritual development. We are here to assist in the process but, ultimately it is up to the individual to grow.


The body of Christ is about serving one another. The attitude of each member of the body should be an attitude to serve, not to be served. Leadership is all about saying yes when asked to serve.


YFC LIT is a community. It is about growing together toward the goal of giving glory to God.


At the heart of what we do, it is all about sharing our faith. This is the ultimate way to bring glory to God, by growing His Kingdom. 

Lost Kids

We are called to the outcast and the sick. As Jesus said, "it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but rather the sick." We love the body of Christ but God hasn't called us to just reach Christian kids. God has called us to reach out to His lost sheep and bring them into His flock.


"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example to believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." –1 Timothy 4:12