Mentorship & Accountability

Mentor / Coach Relationships

The one-on-one portion of YFC LIT is extremely important to the growth of the LIT. This is a monthly or semi-monthly meeting with their Site Director in order to challenge, grow, and help the LIT process life in a private setting. Likewise, they are expected to meet at least monthly with their spiritual mentor (external to YFC). Most people have never had the opportunity to be in such a mentor/coach relationship. It can be a very rewarding and life changing experience to have someone act as a guide through one of lifes more challenging experiences of transitioning through adolescence. This is discipleship at its core. We desire to not just make disciples, but to also make disciple makers.

These sessions are themed each week of the month. The four major focuses will be personal life, ministry life, spiritual life, and future life. Personal life will focus on family, friends, college, ect. Ministry life will focus on SAYFC weekly ministry. Spiritual life will focus on personal spiritual growth, and any questions or thoughts that were provoked by our training. Future life will focus on discovering where God is leading them, and how to get there. 

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." - Luke 2:52

Accountability Relationships

At the begining of their first year, each incoming LIT will be paired with a second-year LIT of like gender. This will help connect these new leaders to veteran leaders who can assist them with any questions, concerns, and needs they may have. They will pray for, counsel and serve with one another.