Serving SA since ‘62

(Student Leaders with their SAYFC Executive Director, Dick Norton; 1962)


San Antonio Youth for Christ is a Texas non-denominational, non-profit organization and a 58 year-old charter member of YFC/USA, a non-profit organization that reaches out to 1,240 communities in the United States and over 100 foreign countries. Founded in 1944 by Billy Graham and Torrey Johnson, SAYFC programs extend to schools, low-income housing areas, and juvenile institutions. This ministry was birthed from a weekly prayer meeting held in our city by a concerned group of mothers of teenagers. From that beginning, tens of thousands of young people have participated in SAYFC events and thousands have committed their lives to Christ as we now enter our 59th year of ministry. Although we are charter member of YFC/USA, we receive no funds from our national movement. It is through efforts of our board of directors and generous supporters that we fund our local chapter. Also, our staff is required to raise all their own support; however we do subsidize the salaries of our urban workers as it is a challenge to raise support from the communities they serve. Currently, San Antonio Youth for Christ serves 13 schools in San Antonio.