Where Everything Changed

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by Nathaniel Rainey, a YFC Camp story.

     “Camp was so much fun. The speaker on the first night we were at camp was talking about we should take risks at camp and do things we've never done before. I took so many risks this week, from repelling down a mountain with my extremely big fear of heights. I was literally stuck in the same spot for 10 minutes shaking and crying. But I trusted in God to the fullest and just kept going down. And I had amazing people cheering me on at the bottom of the mountain.  Once I got to the bottom I had all my friends hugging me and telling me how proud they were. At that moment I was still in shock shaking and crying still but I just kept thinking how good my God is to me, and how he gives me courage to do things I wouldn't normally do. I learned at camp that I don't value the life that was given to me, and sometimes take advantage of the life given to me. I told my story in front of a bus filled with teens I didn't know that well, but I pushed myself to open up, because they're all my brothers and sisters spiritually. And they all cheered me on which was amazing. I have a horrible fear of talking in front of lots of people but man did God work in my heart this week making me stronger in faith and trust. I went white water rafting and I kept thinking to myself I'm going to fall out of the raft or something bad was going to happen, then realized this was the devil putting negative thoughts in my head knowing each time I do something hard, it brings me closer to God, so I shut those voices up and beat those rapids! I said yes again to my God, and cried while doing so. I had a few people pray over me and it just felt so good being in a room filled with people who are also as hurt as I am come together and show each other so much love. God worked on so many people's hearts this week and I'm proud to say I'm one of them. A special thanks to the leaders who prayed for me and took time to listen to my story, and talk about God to me. God is good ❤ I also took the biggest risk and said out loud to God that I forgive my dad. Forgive him for the hurt he caused in my past. I know its going to be hard and none of the hurt he caused is going to go away in one day, because it's not. It may take years, but I have so much time and faith to get through it. That's all for me this week, I'm exhausted from all the fun things that went down lol.”


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