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As we look at the first decade of the new millennium, an unprecedented statistic declares a mandate to those organizations that seek to reach young people. The teen population is expected to grow at twice the rate as the rest of the population, peaking in 2010 with approximately 30.8 million teenagers. This is 900,000 more than ever before. In fact, it’s 4.1 million more than in 1969 when Woodstock woke up mainstream America to youth culture’s existence. This staggering statistic is even more shocking when we are told that: 

  • 87% of young people today will not attend a church on a weekly basis.

  • In San Antonio, teen pregnancy is 82% higher than the national rate

  • 10% of all young people in Bexar County drop out of school.

  • 26% live at or below the poverty level



It is incumbent upon our ministry to assist the local church in reaching the thousands of young people in the greater San Antonio area. These teens not only need to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, but also are in need of a nurturing body of believers to disciple them in their daily walk. The George Barna group reminds us through their surveying of the youth population that 63% of people make their commitment to Christ before the age of 18. It is imperative that SAYFC makes inroads to our school campuses, detention centers and at-risk neighborhoods within our community.

“It is our mission to share Christ with every young person regardless of race or economic background. The main cry of young people today is a plea for true meaning in life and purpose for living.”

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