Who can go?

This is an open invitation to any Middle School student to attend, including students who've just completed elementary school this summer.

Why go?

This is a life changing weekend of fun, adventure, and growing in our understanding of ourselves and God.

How do they get there?

Transportation to camp site is included in price. Please look at the parent letter to get drop off times and locations.

What do they need to bring?

Bedding and clothes (be conscious of weather) are the main items. However, the parent letter has a list of items that will be useful and of course don't forget money for concessions.

What are sleeping arrangements?

Still Water Camp has small cabins that contain multiple bunk beds. Girl's sleeping quarters are on one side of the camp site and boy's sleeping quarters on the other. Each cabin has multiple adult leaders.

Who are the adult leaders?

They are Youth for Christ staff and volunteers. All have gone through background checks, interviews, classroom training and online training. Our staff and campers safety is our number one concern.

How many adult leaders are on site?

Our goal at every event is a ratio of 1 adult to 5 students.

What about medication?

All medications are turned in at beginning of retreat to our medical staff. We have a registered nurse/medic on site that takes care of all medication distribution.

Is sponsorship money available?

Yes, there is money available to help make retreat more affordable. Please contact us if sponsorship is needed.

How do I register?

Please click on the register now link and fill out form. However, a student is not fully registered until online registration, waiver forms, and money are received.

What do I do with the waivers?

Please print the release waiver and fill out all fields. It is important to note that without the waiver signed and turned in, campers will not be allowed to go. Once filled out, please turn it into your site director or fax them in to 210-706-2853 or email them to [email protected]

Who is in charge?

Our camp director is Derrick Olivares. He can be reached at our offices 210-697-7052 or by email at [email protected] Feel free to contact him with any questions you may have.